Southern California
In 1955 Albert George founded "A.C. George Portable Welding Service"  and in 1956 Ralph Krogh partnered with Mr. George to form "George and Krogh Welding".  With a humble beginning and a phone number of SH-5-5368, we have been through multiple area codes and changes but one thing that has not changed is pride in our work and pride in our country. 

Now in the third generation, George and Krogh Welding have supported America and San Diego, Ca for over 50 yrs.

We have contributed to the rebuilding of the Statue of Liberty, assisted in development of various US military projects to insure the success and pride of the United States.

We will maintain the pride of helping people, be it a large project or small farmer who has a broken water valve. 

We have so much history that we have been designing and fabricating "xtreme" before xtreme was born!