Southern California



Metal Recycling Tankless Water Heater Feral Cat Feral Cat
On average we recycle over 40 tons of steel annually and in 2008 we recycled about 220 tons of steel. We also recycle every other metal that is not used.
We have replaced our water heater tank that was about 50% efficient with an instant water heater that is over 86% efficient. The actual efficiency is probably much greater as the new water heater is not on during our off days.

We use well water for all of our water needs and have replaced our well pump with a new ultra efficient pump.


Over the past year we have replaced our 30+ yr old phone system with new phones that use far
less energy. Our computers have been placed on a schedule to insure they our off when not in use.

When not used we turn off all of our equipment.

Compared to comparable sized and type of business, on average according to SDG&E we use over 30% less electricity per year.

We analyze all of our field work requirements and decide the smallest most fuel efficient vehicle for the job.  In addition we keep all our vehicles well maintained.

When possible we support local business in the region of individual job sites. When possible this reduces fuel use for shipping heavy materials long distances.

We voluntarily work with our local water and flood agencies in water abatement for not only our property but  also the adjoining property to maintain a clean creek that runs behind our property

We will continue to improve as new ideas are presented.